Welcome to the tribe!

Let yourself blossom.

Muster up the courage to live! Every day can be the start of something new, unexpectedly beautiful.

It can be small, it can be huge. It always will be what we allow it to become. If you know deep within that there is so much more to life than what you experience right now, start redesigning our life. Get comfortable with saying Goodbye to the old ways, the old beliefs, the old conditions, the old you. Embrace the newness of each day, the newness of each breath, the newness of each single moment.

Polish your soul and let yourself be pleasantly surprised to discover the beauty of your spirit.

Let yourself blossom.

11 qualities of 
Spiritual Nomads:

  1. We accept current circumstances and move forward with forgiveness.

  2. We embrace the present moment, knowing that our experiences in each moment are build upon our past. This moment will set the tone for our future. No more and no less.

  3. We breath in love and exhale gratitude. When everything else fails us, our breath will become our best companion.

  4. We allow ourselves to be discouraged, but we never quit.

  5. We accept defeat as part of our education and learn from it. Failure shows us the way, buy showing us what isn't the way.

  6. We know that the only constance in life is change. We don't resist it. We embrace it as part of our   dance through life.

  7. We show up every day with courage and determination. 

  8. We look fear in the face, knowing to gain strength and confidence after walking through the storm.

  9. We know how to sink into the depth of our aloneness, where the world only sings for us.

  10. We life with an open heart. Broken countless times, but build up stronger after every heartbreak.

  11. We show compassion to all mankind. There might be an angle in disguise behind every strangers eyes.

stop talking

N orms are constructions made from ego  >>  We left them behind and remembered we are free.

O bstacles are here to work with  >>  We use them as building blocks and stepping stones for growth.

M ediocrity is not part of our language  >>  We use the world as our playground.

ction, Action, Action  >>  Everything must be done in the service of the whole.

ecisions are part of our daily life  >>  Our future is build on each decision we make TODAY.

urrender is part of our daily practice  >>  Not to give up on life, but to allow spirit to move through us.