What if life is a puzzle?

What if life is a puzzle? Not one of the small puzzles with 10 pieces, very easy to assemble. I am talking about the 3500 piece puzzle with tiny, tiny pieces, they all look alike and give us a feeling of getting lost and confused when we look at it first. And there is not only one puzzle to work on, there are many, many to be build over the time of our lives. Those pieces are already there and our work is to put them together to create one masterpiece. We don’t know what the picture will look like. There is no box next to it with the finished artwork as the cover picture. Well, we certainly have to be patience, aware that we are diving into the unknown. We need to be able to look very closely at the single piece and also be able to zoom out of it, look at the big picture. Flexibility and good eyesight are necessary. We definitely want to have a comfortable chair to sit in and good lightening available. Playing in the dark might cause us to start over again.

Life is just like assembling a puzzle, our puzzle, our masterpiece of life. We need to be present and look very closely at the reason we are faced with certain situations. But we also have to understand the context; there is always a context. Nothing is just a coincidence; most pieces belong into our puzzle. Some pieces look like brand new because we never pay attention to it. We worked on a different part of the puzzle. But now, coming closer to the end we need to deal with all our left over pieces. We need to turn them around, exchange positions if necessary, look even closer and pay attention. Attention is mandatory, because some of the pieces in our puzzle don’t belong! They belong to another puzzle, missing in somebody else’s masterpiece. So figure out what’s yours, don’t cling to situations in our life, which don’t belong into your game plan. Give it up and let it go. Be assured we have just enough pieces to build our masterpiece. We don’t need to carry other people problems around with us. Focus on your own challenges in life and turn them into opportunities. Polish your pieces, make them work smoothly with the other connecting pieces. And if you cant figure out where to fit one piece, stop the process, hold still, turn inward, look at the bigger picture. Can you see it now? Do you already know what your masterpiece will look like? We are very close to finishing it. Do you like your piece of art? Pay close attention to the process. Sometimes we can still change directions, bring out the saw and file on the pieces to give it a slightly different look. The directions are set, the image is build, and the blue print needs to be filled.

It’s your masterpiece; don’t let other people take over it. It’s your masterpiece, don’t loose track of the pieces. It’s your masterpiece, finish it and be proud of your accomplishment!

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