Time to walk away

How often has a relationship failed your expectation? How many times were you upset, disappointed or hurt by other peoples reaction to something you have done?

What happened next? You might have classified the relationship as toxic and walked away from it. We live in a time where we are much encouraged to do so. In order to own our power, we need to remember our worth and value and walk away from the source of pain. From this partner, this friend, this job. Many times we remain stuck in the same cycle. The new relationship resembles the same pattern, the same pain, the same old story!

We all have the right to terminate toxic relationships. In order to shine our light in the brightest way, we even have the duty to do so.

In order to break the cycle, we need to look at our old patterns, which don’t serve us anymore. Lets commit to change and turn inward before we point outward.

Know when it is time to walk away.

Before you do so, learn your lesson.

Take full responsibility for your life.

Remember, every relationship started at some point.

Remember, you had the choice to say ‘yes’ or walk away right then.

Whatever followed afterwards is part of our destiny. People come into our life to serve some kind of purpose.

If we change our perception, every encounter becomes a holy encounter. If we see ourself in the other person, we can show up with compassion and forgiveness. We can see our connectedness and stop the blame. Look closely, dig deep and you will find the connecting link.

It might not feel comfortable at first. Why would we want to face the judge within ourself, the trader, the thief? By being brutally honest, we will see our own betrayal, our own neglect, our own disbelief in ourself. By understanding how every relationship mirrors our own being, we are able to heal our wounds. By healing our wounds, we break the cycle. Our ‘enemy’ becomes our best teacher. Allowing healing to happen within will take away the negative charge of the relationship. When we walk away now, we will be ready for new and healthy relationships. Relationships who will say YES to who we are. Who will support our growth and ignite our passion. New creation can begin.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will Disappear.” Lao Tzu

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