So proud of you

To all spiritual nomads out there, who made it through a challenging 2016, with such unprecedented growth potential:


For getting up every day, facing life in high spirit.

For breaking through the obstacles, using them as building blocks to get closer to your vision.

For holding on tightly and knowing, the rewards will be harvested soon.

For taking on responsibility and letting go of victim consciousness.

For shining more brightly, the darker it went.

For knowing, the universe has your back so we can put down the cross of the world, that we liked to carry in the past.

For being youer than you.

For causing miracles in your life and the life of others.

Here is my wish for you for 2017:

May we all keep on walking, NO MATTER what.

May we all be a beacon of light for others.

May we know our boundaries and be the guardian of our souls.

May we face our fears and lean into it.

May we rewrite our story daily, with the awareness that our thoughts will be dictating our book of life.

May we STAND FOR EACH OTHER, knowing that two people are much stronger than one. If one of us falls down, the other will help us up again.

May we open our hearts and LET LOVE RULE!

2017 - We are ready to create miracles!

With a loving heart, overflowing with GRATITUDE -

I'll wish you Peace and most of all, I wish you LOVE!

#love #peace #obstacles #universe #miracles #boundaries #guardian #soul #gratitude

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