Three magic words - New Year's resolution

Well, it took only 10 days into the “New Year” and some of us might have fallen off the wagon.

Maybe you just skipped the gym today, even though you were determined to work out more regularly. You had a plan and made Monday your ‘Gym Day’. But Monday came and the gym bag didn't leave the corner of your bedroom. Of course you had a good excuse for not going. Just this one time. And 12 months later you will notice that Monday never really became your gym day. Because the excuses started ruling your life. Again.

Monday didn’t become ‘gym day’. Which actually started a path going downhill, leading to more ‘I wish I would have, but I haven’t done so’ speeches at the end of the year.

Regular meditation practice started to turn into the once-in-a-while-escape when life got really bad. So it got worse.

The new healthy eating habits were replaced by the old comfort food. Time got challenging, so food needed to be comforting. What else is there to fall back on?

Deeper communication with friends were replaced by short text messages. Responding to all of them even became a challenge. Nobody really wanted to listen anymore.

Connecting with nature, what is now a proven fact to help against depression and other stress related symptoms, became a bit tiring. We convinced ourselves, watching a nature documentary will do it.

And I could go on and on.

So why not STOP now.

Only 10 days into the “New Year”.

Remember WHY you wanted to change. We don’t really need a “New Year” to implement changes in our life. We do need a good reason for doing so. We need to understand the ‘Why’ and make the ‘How’ to change pleasant enough to stick with it. We need to ‘be in love’ with the change. We need to desire it from the bottom of our heart. We need to be the one who wanted it in the first place. Not our spouse, our friend, our parent, our sibling.

And most importantly, we need to go and find the place of most resistance. The core wound, which keeps us away from joyful living. Dig deep, be consistent, reach out for help. Turn your excuses why you can’t into reasons why you can. The countdown has begun… At some point we will say farewell and can’t turn back time.

Make 2017 the BEST YEAR EVER! And do it again next year.

Be brave, be determined, embrace the change, be the change.

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